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Monday, September 30, 2013

Welcome to Hammerhead Radio!

I have long wanted to own my own radio station. I would fantasize about how cool it could be to be a DJ as a kid, being able to pick out the music I want played. As I grew up, the radio stations and their DJ's around me (and around the country), were replaced by robots. Today, all of the FM broadcast stations in the United states are owned by just 6 corporations.

The Music they played became repetitive, Cycling through just a hand full of the same exact "hits" or "classics" that have been playing on the radio for as far back as we can all remember.

I wanted to change that. I felt that it was wrong to put control of our music into the hands of 6 soulless, faceless corporations, who can only see a song as a revenue stream.

So one week ago, I began working on my own Radio Station. A station that runs on the Internet, capable of reaching billions of people, and pumping them full of the sweet love juices of Hard Rock.

Hammerhead Radio is going to be a shining example of what a radio station should be.

We're going to have more creativity than anything you'll find on the FM band.

We're going to promote new bands, play their new songs that you've never heard before.

We'll have variety, no more hearing an overplayed song 7 times a day.

We have so much more planned for the future. Join us for the ride, because this is day one. This is the beginning. We're here to change the world with Rock and Roll.

You can join us by listening on this page:

We're on RadioShaker then search Hammerhead Radio

You can use your own Media player such as iTunes, Windows Media Player, VLC Player, Media Player Classic, with the stream link here :
You can Right click and select Save file as, to save the file to your computer. This way you can listen to us any time without needing to visit our home page.

If you like what we're doing, help us spread the word.

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